Hotels for Habitats - Wilderness Land Sponsorship



HFH directly financially assists a 200 ha indigenous forest and bush block in the central North Island of New Zealand at Wangamomona which consists of an  ancient podocarp  rainforest, to enable it remain in its original state free commercial activity.


It is the aim of HFH to identify suitable wilderness areas and unmodified ecosystems throughout the world and provide financial contributions to ensure these areas remain untouched.

Current protection and Re Vegetation

As one of the hotel’s corporate social responsibility projects, Fino Hotels and Suites Christchurch directly supports the preservation, pest control and maintenance of 2,500 hectares of native bush in the North Island.

Under the hotels for habitats scheme we also protect a 573 hectare pristine forest reserve in Kauarapaoa Road ( LOT1 DP84274 LOT2 DP84275 BLK1 WAIPAKURA SD) in the Whanganui District.

We protect a 200 hectare land in Whangamomona ( SEC5BLKXMAHOESD) which borders the Waitotara Forest.

HFH is replacing an area of non indigenous plantation trees in Hanmer North Canterbury with indigenous native bush cover in order to restore the land to its original habitat. This is happening at Braemar lodge where we are removing 57 Douglas fir trees from the lodge property in preparation for re planting in natives.